Hello, creatives! It’s Emma – your Creative Business Mentor.

Feeling frustrated or a little bit stuck in your creative business right now. I have some nuggets of gold to help you.

We all have ups and downs with business and it doesn’t matter whether you’re creative or whether you’re in another industry, stuckness and frustration affects us all. Over time, I’ve realized that it boils down to five things. They are things that I’ve experienced in my 23 years as a creative in business. 

And I’ve realized that every time I’ve felt a bit stuck or frustrated with my business, it boils down to a few of these things:

💡FIRST: your belief and mindset

You have to believe you can do it. I know a lot of us suffer from the starving artist mentality or imposter syndrome; that it’s actually not possible for us to succeed or art isn’t a real job and you’ll never make money from your creativity. The seed to our doubt was sown many years ago; at school, at home, from the media.

That type of messaging kinds of seeps into our soul, and it affects us deeply. And tell ourselves nonsense about why we can’t actually move forwards and grow our businesses – which leads to the next thing that keeps up stuck and frustrated.

💡SECOND: Money

We love what we do. We’re great at our art and our creativity; it comes quite easily to most of us. And I know that the act of being creative comes easily to me, even though it’s not always an easy journey! This might be the same for you.

To some people it seems wrong and difficult to be asking people for money for something that’s it’s easy for you to do, that you love doing. But we need to earn money from our creativity if we want to continue. Bills need paying and life doesn’t pay for itself. And if you’re not earning from your art, you’ll be earning from another job which steals the time you have to be creative.

It’s OK to make money from your art, from your creativity. It’s not dirty, greedy, selfish or in any way wrong. 


We all get stuck with pricing! Which leads to feelings of frustration because you’re not pricing your work properly, that is if you’re pricing it at all. 

And if you are pricing it, are you pricing it enough to pay yourself?  Because regardless of what you think about money, money facilitates our lives and most of us feel good when we have money in the bank. I know I do! I feel much better when I’ve got money in the bank than when I don’t have money in the bank.

When I say money in the bank, it means that have you disposable income, money that you have access to. Not money that you’ve earned, which is your gross revenue from which you need to deduct business expenses, but money that is soley for you. Your pay.

The money that really motivates me is the money that I have myself and in order for that to exist, I need to pay myself. So maybe you’re not paying yourself enough to really motivate yourself to get to that next level in your business, because you’re stuck at very low pricing.

Money is a positive motivator. It produces a feedback loop of activity and reward.


The fourth thing which holds people back is spending all their time working for free, or working for exposure.

Recently I was chatting with Dutch fine artist who lives in America. We were talking about different nationalities and how they treat their artists. We realised that most nationalities have an overarching attitude to paying for art or creativity.  Many  see art as something that you should donate, give away for free, or that it’s ok to barter the price down or that it’s acceptible to expect it to be exchanged for non-financial rewards, such as exposure. Equally, many do revere their artists, give praise, appreciate and value the creator enough to pay the price without haggling.

If you’re spending time giving stuff away, working for free or for exposure, discounting your prices or undercharging, you are less likely to stay motivated. Having no money is really demoralizing! 

💡FIFTH: Finding clients

You might be experiencing a quiet period in your business, and it might have gone a bit dry as far as customers are concerned.

“I need to be visible. I need to get more eyeballs on my business. I need clients NOW!”

A lot of us get stuck in thinking we need a million people to look at our work, to follow us, to buy from us. But actually, you just need a minimum viable audience, and your minimum viable audience is literally the people around you.

You don’t need to chase distant people to convert into clients, because you need to start where you are with your immediate network. It’s easier to find clients amongst people who know you and with whom you already have a connection. Then you can build out from there.

It’s more motivating to find one client in your network than to try and find 10 amongst perfect strangers. This creates a feedback lool of confidence, which slowly  helps you get unstuck and feel less frustrated.

If you want to learn more, I would love to invite you to a free workshop that I’m holding on the 23rd of March where we’ll cover the 5 things keeping your stuck and frustrated. I’ll be sharing tactics and ideas to help you build a joyous and profitable business.

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✨ I’m gonna go through those five aspects.
✨ I’m gonna go through your belief and mindset
✨ Your pricing your pay you
✨ Know how to say no to working for free and for exposure,
✨ Finding clients

Hopefully, I can shift your perspective on what you think so that it can make a massive difference to your business and get you feeling unstuck.

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