What’s your idea of success?
Mine is not six figures. It’s not thousands of followers. It’s not leaving a legacy to humanity. Though I do hope I leave a positive ripple effect and have made things better for people along the way.
My idea of success is running a business that supports my ideal lifestyle; living like I’m semi-retired yet working full-time doing what I love.
Which is my reality today. It’s taken time and will always be a work in progress, but I love it.
I’m not interested in scale and growth at all costs. I couldn’t give 2 hoots about it.
Fine, if that’s what floats your boat, that’s OK. It really is. Some people genuinely feel energised by the hustle and grind. But you can build a successful creative business without stressing yourself out.
Surprisingly, I am VERY competitive! Which makes you think I’d love the challenge of scale, growth, hustle, grind, smashing targets and beating the business competition.
But no.
I realised a few years ago that I stress myself out being so competitive.
For example, I’d psych myself up before spin classes at the gym. I’d sit right up front facing the instructor. I’d do back-to-back classes, staying on the bike while the class swapped over. I’d never stop pedalling, slow down, ease up or let myself be ‘beaten’.
Ridiculous. Yes, I was super fit, but I was also anxious and a bit stressed. Over a spin class, for goodness sake!!
Today, I have my own spin bike at home and work out 4-5 times a week listening to great music and feeling positive, energised and relaxed. I’m fit & strong, without the stress.
Same outcome, different way to get there.
A lifestyle business is the same. You just need to be clear on what you want. (watch this video)
My design business and my creative mentorship business both support my ideal lifestyle: I am location independent, I can take time off when I want, I have clients globally, I draw, paint and design most days, I never dread Monday mornings and I don’t hanker for weekends or holidays.
And my income is healthier than it’s ever been. Without hustle, grind or feeling I need to smash targets or slave over analytics.
I do ONE thing to help me achieve my lifestyle business goals…watch the video here. It’s a really simple hack and it’s all about how you want to feel NOT do!
Watch the video and tell me what your idea of success is.
Whatever your idea of success is, you can achieve it.
Remember, success doesn’t have to be millions in the bank or thousands of followers on social media. It can be a deeply satisfying lifestyle business using your creativity.