Don’t make it hard for people to book you, buy from you or to pay you. Don’t make your customers and clients work for you. You’ll be leaving money on the table. 💰

Recently, the person I go to for massages texted me about booking in another appointment. I was happy that he reached out and reminded me how long it was since my last massage. 🏖️

On a side note, don’t assume that contacting past clients is bugging them – often they are delighted that you made the effort to remind them. I know that I have good intentions to rebook services, but life gets in the way, and having them reach out to me saves me the trouble. It’s an instant tick off my To Do list!

I texted back saying I’d love a massage and could he send me his calendar to book a time. I was ready and primed to book and pay. The moment was perfect…..except it wasn’t…..

I remembered that last time I had a massage, he didn’t have an automatic booking system. Back then, I suggested to him (with my gentle business mentor hat on!) that he would get many more instant bookings if he could send clients a calendar link. I also mentioned that if he integrated Paypal with the booking, he would get paid in advance and not have the hoo-ha of invoicing, chasing payments or asking people to bring cash on the day.

He texted me back saying he didn’t have a booking link and that it would be just as easy for me to tell him when I was free.

Trust me, it’s not.

 As soon as you engage in the to and fro with people to make an appointment, it quickly descends into chaos and overwhelm. And it was no different for me.

He was making me work. Suddenly, with my phone in hand, I couldn’t be bothered to consult my Google Calendar and my Acuity schedule and ask my husband to check that I wasn’t double booking myself.

I texted back saying I’d get back to him. But I didn’t because the moment was lost, something else grabbed my attention and before you knew it, a week of busy-ness had passed. I wasn’t deliberately being difficult or obstructive or avoiding booking. I wasn’t humouring him when I said I’d love a massage. I was sincere. But without him leading the way, making my decision easy, I was lost and distracted. I put it on my To Do list, which we all know can be the deathbed of many hopes and dreams.

The result of him making me work and placing a barrier between me and his bank account (and my happy spine!) was that the moment was lost. Vanished into the ether of daily life.

I am off to Europe soon and now I genuinely have no time for a massage. My design business exploded with new work and having been paid upfront by all my clients, they are my absolute priority. The massage will have to wait until I get back in September.

I certainly do not make anyone work to book me in or pay me. Often I’ll send an invoice and it’s paid within hours. Or I’ll send a booking link with Paypal attached, and BOOM, paid and booked within minutes. Or I’ll have a checkout link on posts.

I have very clear steps and processes, so at no stage are people unsure of what’s next. I make it as easy and frictionless as possible. Plus, we never have the awkward to-ing and fro-ing to arrange design or mentoring consultations. My calendar is set up and the link is easily deployed.

Imagine how different the scenario would have been 3 weeks ago when I asked for his booking link. I’d have instantly booked my massage and I would have paid instantly too. In addition, I might have booked and paid for a second session before I leave for Europe, while my schedule was still relatively free.

The same applies for artists, designers, makers and educators….go through your customer journey and note where you are making things hard or complicated for your customers, and rectify it. By making your clients work, you are leaving money on the table.

 Where can you tighten up your process and communication with prospective clients?

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