I woke up this morning to an email notification that my PicMonkey annual subscription had been auto renewed to the tune of $47.52

I face-palmed myself πŸ€¦β€β™€οΈ …. the last time I used that service was in 2015. But each year I forget to cancel it because the account is attached to a defunct email address with a password I don’t recall, so I can’t even ask for a password reset. Each year, I promise myself I’ll contact their customer service. Which I never do….GAH!

Coincidentally, yesterday I did the Sacred Money Archetypes Survey (devised by Kendall Summerhawk) which deep dives into our individual attitudes and habits when it comes to money.

It was very revealing and spot on….I am an Accumulator. Meaning, I am a very safe pair of hands when it comes to earning money, saving money and making financial decisions. And I am very comfortable around money.

It also means that I don’t like wasting it or spending willy-nilly. And I just love a bargain. Though, I can be a bit of a scrooge at times 😬 (just ‘fessing up to my shortfalls!)

Which is why this morning I berated myself for the 7th consecutive year about my PicMonkey account…such a waste of money!


However, it’s a fact of business that we DO need to spend money. Making the right expense choices – now that’s the challenge.

Here’s a handy breakdown:

  • Unavoidable & normal expenses that are part of doing business; think Paypal fees, web hosting, Adobe subscription, taxes, mentoring or professional development etc. I’m totally fine with these, and I bake these costs into my prices.
  • Previous expenses that were necessary once but no longer serve us; think subscriptions to software you don’t use anymore or memberships to courses you no longer participate in. These really do add up over time.
  • Unhelpful spending habits; think shiny objects and heavily investing in the latest, must-have trend or buying all the fancy art equipment you’ll never use (I see you, art & craft hoarders πŸ€£πŸ˜‰)

Can you spot where you could tighten up your spending?

Do a little audit on your monthly AND annual expenses to see where you can trim the fat. The pennies really do add up!

And please, keep me accountable for actually contacting PicMonkey to cancel my account…I don’t want a repeat performance in 2023!

Don’t forget I have a low cost course called How To Price Your Work for $25 – we dive into expenses & costs too. And of course, doors are always open at The Creative Business Hub. Now, that’s a business expense that I approve of πŸ˜† (prices will rise in 2022) Plus it’s not a monthly membership payment, so you won’t be paying for all eternity!