Hello, my beautiful creatives! It’s our first birthday – The Creative Business Hub has been alive and well for over a year now. I can’t believe the time has gone so fast!

I want to invite you behind-the-scenes of The Creative Business Hub. When you join and become a member, this video shows you what you get. I’m going to show you all the training videos and resources. I’m going to take you behind the scenes in the Facebook group and into The Speaker Series. That way, you can really see what you’re buying into.


To celebrate,  I’ve got a really special offer for a limited time and it ends on the 31st of October! YES, you can join The Creative Business Hub for $57.

That’s it – you pay $57 and you’re immediately in and then for the next 11 months it’s $57 only. So over the course of the year, you’ve paid it off and it’s lifetime access. You don’t get kicked out after the year ends. So for $57, you have access to all this beautiful information and a fabulous community.


The reason why The Creative Business Hub is so special is that it’s made for creatives by ME, a 100% bona fide Creative. I’ve been in business for 23 years as a creative, artist and designer. The advice I give you here is not just generalist business advice that you get from other coaches. It’s actually tailored to you and me. 

As well as 12 videos covering crucial business topics, there are also some stories from my time in the last 23 years; key lessons in my creative business and how I’ve managed to grow my design business. I call them Tales From The Crypt haha – they’re videos you can sit back with a cup of tea, and just listen and learn from my mistakes. Groan and giggle along with me!

If you decide to join and you click through to the purchase button below, it’ll take you to the purchase page.

The full price, one-time payment is $597 Australian dollars. Then there’s thepayment plan of $325. For the Special Birthday Offer, it’s only $57 but it ENDS 31st October. Then we go back to the standrard payment options.

And if for some reason you don’t like it, or its’ simply not for you, there’s a 14-day refund policy. BUT I promise you – you’ll love it!  

I really hope that you join us in The Creative Business Hub. If you’ve got any questions, message me, email me emma@thecreativebusinesshub.com, get in contact and I can answer them. I hope to see you on the inside!