So many times people have asked me: “But aren’t you worried that Canva is taking clients away from you?”

What they mean is, with the low barrier to entry for every Tom, Dick & Harriet to create their own business graphics, why would anyone need a designer anymore? They could do it for free themselves.

In addition, there are online marketplaces where anyone can buy design templates, readymade illustrations, one-click Photoshop effects, hyper-realistic Procreate brushes and even whole branding kits.

It seems anyone can appear to be a talented designer simply by buying ready-made resources.

For writers, AI is edging onto your turf with apps that can do anything from correcting your grammar to writing whole articles. Who needs a copywriter anymore?

For product creators in countries where the cost of living is high, how can you compete with similar products made by creatives overseas sold on global market places such as Etsy, where the competition is fierce?

For artists, the market is flooded with cheap prints. Art and decoration are easily accessible. Interior decoration is formulaic and trend driven: people can just pick up a flimsy canvas and make their home look instantly ‘on trend’. Why spend money on real art that will last generations?

Throw into the mix low-cost service providers and freelancers on sites such as Fiverr and a plethora of course platforms such as Udemy teaching DIY skills at bargain basement prices…why would anyone hire a creative again or buy a product made in Australia, the US or Europe?

Are we doomed?

Of course not. Thankfully 😎

🀩 There are 7+ billion people in this world. Not all will be your customers! There’s a place for low-cost, mass-produced, outsourced products & services. There’s a place for top-tier, customised and high-touch products & services. Just work out who you are, where you sit and how many clients you truly need.

🀩 You can’t outsource YOU. No template, no premade design asset, no AI software that can mimic or replace your aesthetic, your style, your specific methodology, your personality and the way you connect with your customers. There is $ value in this πŸ’°

🀩 Canva,, Creative Marketplace, YouTube, Udemy are simply tools & resources. You can use them to enhance your products and services. To supplement the work you do. You do not have to compete with them. They will not replace your expertise.

🀩 There will always be collectors and buyers for fine art. For many, the idea of mass-produced art makes them shudder in horror! Your talent, your inspiration, your aesthetic, your message & perspectives are unique and rich in value to the right buyers.

🀩 Creative thinking and design thinking are even MORE valuable, not less valuable, in a world of generic, tech-enabled, streamlined, homogenised products and services.

🀩 Step out of scarcity & paranoia mode and into seeking out the abundance of opportunity out there.

🀩 You are not a commodity like sugar or milk. Do not play the pricing game where you think being the cheapest will win you more clients; it’s a race to the bottom and a death sentence to small businesses and creatives like us.

🀩 If your space is saturated, seek out innovations & emerging trends in your space. Educate yourself on them, be an early adopter and become the expert in that field eg NFTs.

🀩 Refine your own messaging and marketing efforts. Hone your value proposition. Know who your ideal clients are. Test, tweak what’s not working, double down on what is. There are people willing and ready to pay you for whatever it is you do, but you need to be crystal clear on these things (btw this is work in progress, so don’t expect it to be a once-and-done thing!)

You’ve got this! πŸ‘Š

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