Have you tried adding a lifestyle model to your business model?

Why do we only plan our business activities and goals and hope that we live a fulfilled life by default?

How to create a lifestyle model:

⭐️ Know your Be, Do, Have and FEEL goals. I added that last goal myself many years ago and it’s been a guiding star for me and my husband.

⭐️ Bring your spouse, partner or significant other into the plan. Get them on board. It’s much easier when 2 people are aiming for the same thing.

⭐️ When making business plans, take your ideal lifestyle into account. No point aiming for multi-6 figures or a contract with Sony if you know the journey there will stress the heck out of you.

⭐️ If the journey of life and business is more important that achieving the stretch goal, make sure your business activities are enjoyable in and of themselves. Enjoy the ride, not just the promise of the destination.

⭐️ Know the cost and numbers of your ideal lifestyle. Then you can reverse engineer how much your business (or businesses if you’re working in tandem with a spouse/partner) needs to bring in to make it happen

⭐️You can live the champagne life on a lemonade budget. Find the little things that make you feel amazing. Or you can go all out and insist on champagne the whole way. Luxury is not a dirty word, shallow or meaningless. Here’s where the feeling goals kick in again. Align them.

I could go on and on haha! But these tips will send you and your business and your LIFE in the right direction for YOU. 😄

Photo: my hubby and partner-in-lifestyle enjoying a make-shift luxury picnic of freshly caught lobster (wrapped in lettuce) bought from the fisherman’s cabin and wine in Cornwall recently. It cost us all of $40 but we felt like Kings (and Queens of course!!)