The mistakes we make with creative kids & money.

Β Recently, I committed to buy a painting from a child, who is part of an initiative started by an art teacher here in Australia. Her aim is to instil confidence in her students to do big things & make money from your art.


Which got me thinking…..

Β When children create sell something or fund raise, we expect them to give that money away. To charity. For a good cause.


We must think of other first.
Thinking of others is the key to a fulfilled life.
Giving is better than receiving.

Now, before you think I’m heartless 🀣 πŸ–€ I am not saying charity & fund raising should be abandoned. Kindness and love for our fellow humans are essential.

Β But we need to give creativity & entrepreneurship a chance to flourish on their own merits. As a worthy cause itself.

I think we’re doing our children a disservice. We’re setting up generational money blocks & a poor relationship with money. Especially for our creative children, because we take the money they make & give it away. They cannot keep it.


As they grow into adulthood, add in society’s tropes & cliches about art, artists & the creative industries, and we have a recipe for disaster.


– All artists are poor.
– Art isn’t a real job.
– You shouldn’t charge for your art – it’s called a ‘gift’ for a reason.
– You do your art for love.
– True art comes from struggle & tormented genius.

– Art is a hobby now you’re a grown up with bills to pay.


No wonder:

πŸ˜₯ Creatives struggle to value their art.
πŸ˜₯ They constantly undercharge, if they charge at all.
πŸ˜₯​​​​​​​ They work for free.

πŸ˜₯​​​​​​​ Lack of confidence is rife.
πŸ˜₯​​​​​​​ And, no wonder we have a world filled with suppressed, ignored and abandoned creativity.

If we empower children to value their creativity, to demonstrate they can be financially rewarded for their creativity, maybe we’ll have future generations filled with confident, well-paid & creatively fulfilled adults.


Well, we can wish…. πŸ˜‚


And I can’t wait to see the painting I bought from this amazing student initiative 🎨