Hello, my beautiful creatives!

In this week’s blog, we’ll talk about quoting for projects.

Are you a photographer, designer, illustrator or someone who undertakes creative projects for clients?

  • How do you quote for your clients?
  • Does quoting really stress you out?
  • Does it take you absolutely hours to get a quote or a proposal out to clients?
  • Are you always second-guessing your prices?
  • Does talking about money make you feel a little bit icky?

Well, I’ve got a few  really simple solutions for you.

TIP # 1 Packages & fixed pricing

This is a complete game-changer for your business. If you predetermine your package; the deliverables, the price, the timelines and the payment terms, it’s so easy for clients or potential clients to say “That’s for me and that’s what I need”.

It also makes it easy for you when an inquiry comes through; just send them the link the page on your website for that package. This ensures they have all the information at their fingertips. This saves you time so you’re not spending an age trying to pull together a quote for them.

Another option is to have a pre-written document on your laptop that you can just copy and paste and send through.

So when an inquiry comes through, thank them for their inquiry and make suggestions from some of the packages that would work for them by simply copy/pasting it into the email or message.

Add links in your email to give fuller picture of what you offer to your portfolio page and testimonials.

If you think that fixed priced packaging is going to limit your work and charging capabilities, or that it will hamper your ability to grow and increase the scope of work …..think again.

A package with a fixed price is a foundation, and it creates a boundary. It avoids awkward price conversations or cringe-worthy negotiations. It helps people self-select whether you’re in their budget or not.


TIP # 2 Customise your packages.

You don’t have to send exactly the same package every single time. You’re allowed to customize the package.

If someone needs something that your package doesn’t have, then can quote them additionally. But at least you’ve got that foundation to start with when quoting.


TIP # 3 Add a Booking Link

Make it easy for people to follow up with you and to book you to work with you. So whenever you send through a quote, put a booking link to your calendar so they can book a time that suits them to chat with you. This is an obligation and pitch-free chat for them to ask questions, and for you to explain the package a bit more.

Once I send my quote and if I don’t hear back from them immediately, I give it about a week before I follow up. I put it up in Asana (or calendar) to follow up with them and check they got the proposal and quote. I also ask if they have any questions. Again, I might put a couple of links or a link to book a chat with me so they don’t need to go through their inbox to find it. Make things easy for people!

Tip #4 Create a PDF

Send a well-designed PDF with all the information someone needs to make a decision about whether to work with you or not. Include a welcome introduction, an overview of your process & what they can expect, timelines, packages & pricing, the outcomes & results you facilitate, your small print and of course a hyperlink so they can get in contact with you.

Template it so that you can customise it if needed. This saves you time and effort each time someone enquires about working with you. PLUS it looks super smart and impressive.

I use InDesign for this, but equally you can use Canva.

I hope this has helped you simplicy your quoting process. You don’t need to be spending all day quoting and pulling together proposals.