Scrolling through Pinterest or Behance is my first choice when seeking inspiration for a design project or illustration.

I know many creatives do this, and certainly it can get the creative juices flowing, sparking new ideas and help get out of a rut.

Though it’s not the most powerful way to tap into your innate creativity. Some of our best work comes when we’re deeply connected to ourselves and open to divine inspiration.

So what’s the creativity hack that opens the portal to divine inspiration?


Nothing hits the spot better than escaping the screen and just letting your mind wander as you move your body.

Your body is a tool, a vehicle and a gift – you need to use it as much as you physically can. Neglecting your body is neglecting your mind: they are linked.

This morning I went for a long walk on the beach, soaking up the spring sunshine. Last week I cycled with my husband into the countryside (we may have stopped for lunch at a vineyard 🤭) Most days I hop on my spin bike on the terrace at home and blast some tunes while I pedal furiously.

Sometimes I listen to a podcast on my walks (not when I’m cycling on the road!) and a topic will inspire me to write this newsletter. Or I listen to music to help access hidden parts of my brain. Though often, when outside, I simply listen to what’s around me.

Emma on the beach

This photo was taken today as I walked on the beach near our new home, down on the south coast in NSW. It’s only 90 minutes south of Sydney, but it could be a million miles away. Heavenly.

I was listening to Harry Styles. I love his mellow, Britpop, indie vibe.

But you don’t need to be living in the countryside or on the coast to get the benefits of exercise as a creative tool. When we lived in Sydney, I’d pound the pavements enjoying the residential streets (I love looking at houses!) and local parks.

Inspiration and connection are everywhere. Your mind just needs to be open enough to discover it – and moving your body helps open it.

So get out there. Move your body and invite inspiration and regeneration into your life. Your creativity will be firing on all cylinders when you do.

And yes, it was during my beach walk, listening to Mr Styles, that I was inspired to make exercise the topic for today’s newsletter! See? It works 😂

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