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I’m Emma, your creative business mentor.

On this page, you’ll find 5 short videos and a full-length class on key topics to help you grow and improve your creative business.

Let’s dive in….

Day 1

Overcoming Your Doubts

Day 2

Pricing Your Work

Day 3

Money as a Positive Motivator

Join me for a 10-minute dive into how to identify and overcome the thoughts that are keeping you stuck and frustrated.
Learn a couple of key strategies to busting those Starving Artist Myths.

Let’s talk about what you should charge for your creative work, products or services. It’s one of the main struggles for creatives – how do we put a price on our talents? 

Money is the lifeblood that allows us to keep being creative. And paying yourself is crucial if you’re going to stay motivated in your creative business.
Join me for some ideas on money, charging for your talents and action-steps to pay yourself properly.

Day 4

Stop Working For Exposure

Day 5

Finding Clients

Working for free is the curse of many creatives’ lives; people asking you to give your talents away for free or on the cheap.
How do you deal with this without feeling bad, guilty, mean or obligated?
I run through 5 types of free work to watch out for, and how to decide which are worth your effort and which you should run away from fast!

The biggest topic of all for any business owner…finding clients. And the right ones too. Not all clients are created equal.
Join me as I break down some of the myths and help you work out where to find your next client.

Bonus – Full Workshop

From starving artist to creative rockstar.

In this hour long free class, I go into greater detail and deep dive the topics of:

Mindset & overcoming your blocks.

Pricing your work.

Paying yourself.

Not working for free.

How to find clients.

This workshop was recorded live on 23rd March 2022. Any special offers made at the end might not be valid at this time.

About Emma


I’m the founder of The Creative Business Hub, an online mentorship program for creatives. My mission is to make business simple, enjoyable and profitable for artists, designers, photographers, makers, creators and creative entrepreneurs….people just like you!

I have 23 years under my belt as an artist, designer and business owner. I started exhibiting my artwork in Geneva, Switzerland in 1999. Today, along side my mentoring program, I run a successful design business with clients globally.

I live in Sydney, Australia, have 2 adult children who are both now at University, a supportive husband and a grumpy cat (who is actually trying to sit on my keyboard as I’m typing this out!)

If you want to check out The Creative Business Hub, click here for all the info.

But in the meantime, I hope this free training helps turn you from Starving Artist to Creative ROCKSTAR!

Emma xx