Turning your creative hobby into a business doesn’t have to be that hard.

Has starting a creative business been a goal or ambition of yours for years?  How do you start a creative business? Where do you begin?

This mini course can help you.

You’ve probably been brought up to believe that you can’t – or shouldn’t – make money from your art or creativity.

How many of these have you been told, heard or think to yourself?

“Get a proper job.”

“All creatives are poor.”

“It’s nice as a hobby, but you’ll never be a success.”

“Making money makes you a sell-out.”

“You should do it for the love of it, not for money.”

“Who do I think I am to call myself a professional *insert your creative title*?”

“I can’t ask people for money. It feels wrong.”

Hello there – I’m Emma Veiga-Malta.

I’ve been a professional artist and designer for over 20 years, building creative businesses to make money, explore my creativity and live my ideal lifestyle.

Let me be your guide and mentor as I help you start a creative business.

I run a successful design business with clients globally, and I mentor creatives in a wide range of creative industries. People just like you.

I know together we can turn your hobby into a business. I’ll help you with my practical steps, action-taking encouragement and professional insights.

Let’s do this!

What This Mini Course Will Teach You

  • Busting the Starving Artist Myth – remove your blocks & boost your self confidence.
  • The Basics – what you need to get started to transform your hobby to a business.
  • Rough Business Plan – creating a clear path ahead. It’s not complicated so don’t panic!
  • What To Sell – create stuff people want to buy.
  • Finding Clients – who to sell to and where to find them.

What’s Inside The mini course?

  • 5 instant-access videos, 5-10 minutes each.
  • Worksheets, checklists & resource links.
  • No fluff or faff guaranteed. It’s all practical and action-taking stuff.

Your Investment

In an hour or two,  you’ll have all the information and confidence you need to start transforming your creative hobby into a business.

Yes, I charge $597 for my group mentoring membership and $1,397 for 1:1 mentoring.

But this How To Start a Creative Business Mini Course is just AU$47!

Are you ready?

You’re just a click away from making your creative dreams and ambitions a reality.

Let me show you how!

Emma quite literally took me from zero to hero…I had huge money blocks and was in a state of chaos. Emma listened, gave great tips, and detangled the mess. I now love managing the money side and have seen so much growth in my creative business.

Emma is a true ray of sunshine and has lifted me up to being a truly confident creative in business.

Kat Fox


Ahhhh Emma! You were like an old friend even though we had only just met.

You crossed my path at just the right time and provided me with just the right support and guidance to help overcome a hurdle that had been in my way for far too long.

You inspired me to get it done!

Your mentoring gave me ideas and helped to create a plan to follow and you were the ever so helpful ‘accountability’ one so often needs!

Being solo in business can be hugely overwhelming and I was sick of myself and my ideas, you provided the change I needed.

Thank you! I’m better off for having you part of my business journey.

Samantha Janssen

Sport Wear Designer, Navi

It took 3 years, but now have settled into my actual calling that I ignored for too long – being a successful abstract artist.

I felt magnetically drawn to Emma because she is so approachable and a genuinely nice person with a lot of business experience.

As soon as I saw that Emma was creating a business hub for other artists and creatives I wanted in.

Courts Lippett


Emma is not only a fabulous designer but a magnificent mentor.  She has a keen ability to convey what your business needs in a digestible way that leaves you feeling excited about what is possible!

Five minutes with her I learnt more than I would in an hour with most people!  She is so knowledgeable & offers as much value as possible to everyone she works with.

Christine Collins

It’s time to stop dreaming and start doing!

We can do this – I am living proof that you can make money from your creativity. I started out selling art on market stalls. Today I design for clients globally.

You just need a guide, a mentor and a cheerleader…..someone who has walked the path before you. That’s me.

This mini course will give you the nudge you need to follow your dreams. You will see it’s perfectly possible for you too!

Are you in?