Are you a prolific ideas machine, always coming up with amazing things and new ways to express your creativity?

Or are you stuck in a rut, producing the same old, same old; bored of your style or your work but not sure how to change things up?

These are 2 ends of the same spectrum; our creativity spectrum. At various stages in our journey of business and life, we’ll slide up and down this scale – but generally, we have a natural set point. Either a multi-passionate creative dreaming up the next big thing, or a hyper-focused creative on a clear path.

Neither of these extremes is ideal longterm; they lead to either burn out or boredom.

I remember a time when I ONLY drew nudes and architecture in pencil and wash, and sold nearly 80% of every exhibition.

But I got bored creatively and needed to change things up, so I started a kids’ art camp, adult watercolour tutoring in my studio, taking commissions for large canvases, hand-painting wooden trinkets for kids’ bedrooms, dabbling in graphic design…..

Gah 😫 …from so narrow to too wide. Both extremes were exhausting, to be honest. Plus, my children were still little, so I was doing alot of things simultaneously.

How do you find the balance? Should there even be a balance?



Last week I hosted Dr Minette Riordan on The Speaker Series for members of The Creative Business Hub, on the topic Spark & Unleash Your Creativity.

It was a deep dive into:

  • Discovering ways to find fresh ideas when you’re stuck creatively.
  • Choosing which great idea to do first when you’re an ideas machine.
  • Sketch-noting & visual diaries for keeping ideas safe for another day.
  • Finding time to be creative just for you, not clients.
  • How to change or develop your style without scaring away clients.
  • Keeping hobbies as hobbies – you don’t need to monetise every idea.

A key take-away from this session, which I want to share with you, dear reader, is the concept of Creative Contrasts to spark new ideas when you’re bored of the same old, same old.

If you’re a painter, take a writing class. If you’re a graphic designer, take a knitting class. If you’re an illustrator, take a history of art class.

Contrast what you usually do with something you’ve never done before.

By shaking things up and getting out of our creative comfort zones, we start to SEE the world differently. And then we start to ACT differently. We can bring the concepts learned or ideas sparked into our creative discipline.

I simply love the concept of Creative Contrasts – try it!

 If you’re a member of The Creative Business Hub, login in here to catch the replay. You can find Minette’s tutorial in The Speaker Series Library. Plus, you can access her free creativity journaling challenge.

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