✋Hands up if you’ve bought a business course or hired a business coach who has told you that your NICHE is:

  • a specific problem you are solving for a specific person; a transformation.
  • a targeted type of person who you identify as your ideal client.
  • a narrow but deep marketplace.

Me too. Over the past 12 years, I’ve bought online courses, joined group programs, hired mentors and spent a lot of online time in business FB groups.

And every time, I felt a bit confused and that something was missing. Absolutely, I learnt lots, but I always had to shoehorn the teachings into my creative business. They didn’t take me the whole way.


Because they were all service-based or product-based courses, coaches, programs and groups. NOT specifically aimed at creatives or artists.



What you’ve been taught is not wrong, but it is not the FULL picture.

 As an artist, your niche is not a person. It is not a problem you are solving. It is not a specific goal that a person wants to reach. It is not a transformation. You do not need to have messaging or write much at all, ever.

 And many of you who are artists and visual creators will breathe a sigh of RELIEF!!!

 No need to structure fancy sentences or long sales copy that ‘hooks’ people in. In fact, if you never wanted to write a single word again, you can still find your NICHE.

 Your niche is VISUAL, not VERBAL.

I am going to be upgrading the Niche & Pivoting module in The Creative Business Hub soon, to add this new information and go into greater detail. All the content revamps and upgrades are always free to members. Join today or ask me a question.