Are you an artist who paints, draws, sculpts or who creates something visual?

Have you been following business coaches for years who tell you to niche?

“Who’s your niche?”

“Who’s the person you’re talking to?”

“Who’s the person you’re selling to?”

“What problems are you solving?”

I am delighted to tell you as a creative, and artist – that is how I started years ago – your niche is NOT A PERSON.

You might be thinking, “If it’s not a person, then WHAT is my niche?

Let’s dig deeper into it.

The reason that business coaches tell you that your niche is a person – who you are speaking to, or that one person in that one marketplace, with that one problem that you’re supposed to be solving, is that, these business coaches are NOT creatives nor artists. They’re not like you and me! So they come at it from a very different angle, and they’re 100% correct from their perspective!

As a creative talking to another creative, I tell you that “Your niche is not a PERSON. Your niche is your STYLE.

People will gravitate towards the look and feel of your art, painting, drawing, photos or your sculpture. These people will become your niche and it’s not just ONE person. The people that will buy from you will come from all walks of life.

What does this mean?

This could be how you paint, how you draw, the aesthetics, the result of your practice or the result of your art. THAT in itself and the look of your art becomes your niche!

People will gravitate towards the look and feel of your art, painting, drawing or your sculpture. These people will become your niche and it’s not just ONE person. The people that will buy from you will come from all walks of life. They will buy from you for various reasons, but the one thing that ties them all together that thread, is the fact that they like your art they like your style.


With that said, the way to find your niche is so simple. As an artist, you’ve just got to keep doing what you’re doing. The key is that you need to share it! You need to be visible wherever your marketplace is. Here are some places:  Instagram, Facebook, Youtube and Behance. You need to be visible, because if people can’t see your art, they’re not going to be attracted to your art.

Whether it’s Etsy, Red Bubble, Blue Thumb Art Gallery, or all those places where artists can sell and show their work, be visible! 

Show the finished product… 

Show the process behind the scenes…

Let them see all your beautiful equipment…

Let them see what your studio looks like…

So your niche can be what you’re doing anyway which is your art and your style. Let me give you an example: Think about Picasso. Do you think that Picasso sat there, asking himself “What is my niche?…” or “Who’s gonna buy from me?”

He didn’t worry about things like that. The people who liked his art and bought from him through doing his art, from being visible and staging exhibitions. They didn’t have social media back in the day. But his version of visibility is what he did. Over the years that obviously grew into fame and a huge price tag!

You don’t need fame and a huge price tag to find your niche like Picasso found his niche. You just need to show up and be visible. For example in Picasso’s niche, who are they?

If you’ve ever been to an exhibition of Picasso, then you’re in his niche. 

If you’ve ever gone to the museum shop afterwards and bought a postcard, then you’re in his niche. 

If you’ve bought a limited edition print of one of his pieces, then you’re in his niche.

If it’s all the way up and you’ve gone to Sotheby’s to actually bid on an original piece, you’re also in his niche.

So whether the person has paid $40 to go to an exhibition, all the way up to multi-million dollars to buy an original piece of Picasso, they’re all in the same niche. 

So keep in mind that it’s not just one person,  demographic, price range, walk of life or problem that his art is solving.  

His niche is his art, and your niche can be your art!

So please stop killing yourself over the fact that you haven’t got your niche nailed. It doesn’t matter if you’re an artist, illustrator, painter a fine art photographer. Your style is your niche. 

Take a really deep breath and think about your niche from a completely different perspective. But remember, you need to be visible!

It’s funny,  a while back I sent out a newsletter to my mailing list about the subject of niching for artists. And I got a reply which I want to share with you:

“Emma thank you so much for this email, I’ve been in business for 20 years. And I couldn’t understand how to find out why I wasn’t finding success for niching in my art business, what I was doing wrong and why I couldn’t do the same for my art business as I do for my web design business. Not to mention that I have so many different styles that everyone is telling me to stick to just one.  But I want to say thank you again so much for this. 

Kind regards,


So there you go, there is an artist already out there who has just felt this huge sense of relief of not having to try and get this generalist business advice to work for her art business.

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