I can’t hold this in ANY longer! Niching. GAH. 

It’s a massive topic that business coaches tell you to nail first. It send people into tailspins. Especially artists.

I’m here to put your mind at ease. As an artist myself, unlike the majority of business coaches, I want to tell you this:


I repeat. In a quieter voice 😂

Your niche is not necessarily a person.

As an artist, your niche can be your art style. Your niche could simply be HOW you paint, draw or create and the visual result of that.

You can own a space simply by doing what you do naturally and sharing your art, your process, your behind-the-scenes far and wide. Without ever contemplating WHO you are trying to sell to.

Your ideal client will gravitate towards your art style. And these people will come from ALL walks of life. They will be attracted to buy from you for ALL kinds of reasons. 

You will drive yourself BONKERS if your try to follow general business advice about niching to a specific person, marketplace or to solve a specific ‘problem’.That whole ‘solving your customer’s problem’ is another huge topic that I could go on and on about. And I will address this in another post and video.

Think about Picasso. Did he worry about his niche? Can you nail down ONE type of person who like and buys his art?


You’re in Picasso’s niche by visiting exhibitions. You’re in Picasso’s niche buying by buying a postcard of a painting; buying a limited edition print; bidding at Sotheby’s for an original piece.

And when you gather ALL the people in his niche, you WON”T find ONE person or ONE problem he’s ‘solving.’

Price and fame have nothing to do with his niche. He gained his price tag and fame through doing the art. Doing the work. Letting it speak for itself. Being visible.

You can do exactly the same in your art business. 

Picasso’s price tag and fame came as a DIRECT result of this. Over years. Not of him umming and awwing about his niche or worrying about launch dates.

Artists, we are different. Out businesses have layers of complexities that generalist business teachings don’t cover.

But for now, PLEASE stop killing yourself over your niche. Your niche can be your artistic style, flair or aesthetic. End of. Your ideal clients will gravitate towards that. 

So just keep showing up, making your art VISIBLE and cease worrying about niche.


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