Hi, I’m Emma.

I’m your creative business mentor, helping talented creative entrepreneurs like you to build and run joyous & profitable businesses.

After 23 years as an artist & designer, running businesses with clients globally, I want to share my secrets of running a creative business.

I’ll show you how to make money from your talents in a way that supports your ideal lifestyle. I’m all about running a lifestyle business: I am very anti-hustle ‘n grind to scale a business at all costs. Life & business as a creative need to FEEL good. Happiness is a core value of mine!

Join the friendliest & most effective businesss mentoring program for creatives like you.

You’ll learn how to:

  • Ditch the Starving Artist Mentality.
  • Price your work properly (& pay yourself properly!)
  • Manage your projects & clients with ease.
  • Market & message your offerings to attract clients.
  • Explore & develop your creativity.
  • Learn how to run a Lifestyle Business.

How can I help you?

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The Creative Business Hub mentoring program

Work with me to build & run your creative business using my 23 years’ experience. It’s life-time access to fit with your creative flow & needs.

Why choose me as your mentor?

Creativity is in my DNA. Business too. I grew up watching my own parents and grandparents run successful businesses from home.

My first memories of art was when I was 3 years old, lying on the floor with my father, who drew a bus with my name on the side. One minute the paper was blank. The next a whole bus appeared. As if by magic. I’ve hooked on drawing & creating things from my imagination ever since.

Business & creativity go perfectly together; I held my first art exhibition in Geneva, Switzerland back in 1999. And I’ve been equally hooked on making money from my art and design ever since!

Everything I teach comes from real-life, lived experience. Not theory. I’ve made money from my creativity and I’ve also learnt some hard lessons along the way. I want to help you reach your creative dreams, visions and goals faster, by leaning on me and my experience to guide you.

I want to share some of my favourite pieces with you; artwork and designs that span 23 years in business wearing many different hats:

  • From drawing nudes, to sketching the architecture of great cities.
  • From designing custom fabrics, to upholstering signature chairs.
  • From opening a little shop, to launching an online design tech start-up.
  • From designing custom video backdrops to full brand identities.


Members’ words about The Creative Business Hub

Courts Lippett
Fine artist

Flexible & Self-Paced.

I like that it’s self-paced learning online – I have three children & do not have a consistent schedule. I can pick and choose based on where I am at in my personal art & business journey. 

Stephanie Wicker-Campbell
The Muse Oracle  

Perfect for getting started or refining your business.

The members in the community are incredibly encouraging and genuine – reflects Emma’s leadership!!

There is a massive amount of insight available for anyone who wants to learn quickly. Plus with live calls and conversations – it really ticks off all the boxes.

Great for someone starting out and working on the building blocks of their business.

Helen M Smith

You are not a number.

I love my interactions with Emma. I don’t feel like a number, she makes everyone feel important. 

I’ve used the modules & it’s really helped my business. They are informative & inspiring.

I also love the monthly live mentoring sessions & the masterclasses. The community is great too!


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Have you lost your creative spark

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