I promise this isn’t click bait – though I might have slightly misled you 😉 But there’s a point….

Last week, I went to a burlesque life drawing event; it was the best night out, mixing art with wine, music and general sauciness on stage. Whistling, whooping and general shenanigans were all encouraged – all in the name of art, baby! 🤩🎉

I went with Holly, my very dear and first assistant from back in 2017. She’s also an artist {very talented}, and we hadn’t seen each other in years, but we just reconnected as if no time had passed. Wonderful.

Here are some of my favourite sketches from the night….

t was so liberating to draw just for ME. Sometimes I just need to be creative for myself. Not clients.

Are you the same?

I call this Selfish Creativity.

 Selfishness has a bad name; we’re raised NOT to be selfish, but I feel it’s resulted in a lack of self-care and self-connection. We do everything for everyone else first, and forget about what WE need.


The definition of selfish:


(of a person, action, or motive) lacking consideration for other people; concerned chiefly with one’s own personal profit or pleasure.

But we NEED to concern ourselves with our own pleasure. We need to have fun creating for the sake of it, without expectation of the end result or it being for a client.

That’s not selfish or lacking consideration for other people; that’s rejuvenating ourselves; that’s filling up our own creative cups so we can share our creativity with our clients.

✅ Do you give yourself time to create freely without expectation?

✅ Are you feeling creative burn-out?

✅ Have you lost your passion for your business?

✅ Have you run out of ideas for your client work?

Maybe you need to embrace being creatively selfish! You’ll be surprised how refreshed and joyous you’ll feel.

I challenge you 😎 💪 What will you do? 🎨 💃 🎭 👨‍🍳 📷

 PicMonkey update from last week’s blog post: FINALLY, after 7 years of automatic payments & a defunct email address, I contacted them requesting my subscription be cancelled and cheekily asked for a refund. Which they gave me out of goodwill 🤩 Just shows, if you ask, you may be pleasantly surprised!