Hello there amazing creative! This week, let’s talk about the size of your business.

Does size matter?!

Β I read recently this sentence and it’s absolutely true:

“A small business is not a big business waiting to grow up.”Β 

I want to this to be food for thought. Most of us have been conditioned over time to believe that bigger is better when it comes to running a successful business.

You need to scale and earn enough money out of your business.

You need to be growing your business year on yearΒ .

We’re also led to believe that thinking small is actually the ultimate sin in business!

πŸ‘‰To scale or not to scale.

How many times have you had people say to you β€œYou’re thinking too small. Think bigger.”

But in actual fact, do you need to think bigger? And is staying small the ultimate business sin? Or is it okay to take to stay small in your business?

When I started my online journey in my online businesses back in 2012, I joined the tech community with my design business and within the tech community there was, and there still is, a huge push to scale your business at all costs.Β It was all about scale, and as I’ve moved through business over the last 10 years, I’ve realized that this myth or belief that bigger is better is everywhere. In health businesses, in design businesses, in coaching businesses…

So for many years, I chased that myself. I was looking at scale all the time!

πŸ””How can I employ people?

πŸ”” How can I grow my business?

πŸ”” How can I monetize everything within my business?

It’s only in the last year or two that I’ve actually realized that I don’t want scale. And maybe you don’t want to scale either! I’ve realized that a small business is a great business and maybe you’re really realizing that too.Β 

πŸ’‘ As creatives, why should we scale at all costs?Β 

πŸ’‘ What is scalable in our business anyway?

Some businesses scale really well, and there’s the scalability that you can build into your products and your services. But other businesses don’t scale well, and just because it doesn’t scale well doesn’t mean it’s not a good business idea.

Can you scale this idea?
Has this idea got longevity in it?
Has it got growth potential?
Can you grow it to beyond just you?

But what if we don’t want to grow it just beyond us? What if it’s okay that the growth potential is limited, and it doesn’t have scalability but it does exactly what it needs to do for you and for your clients?

πŸ‘‰Growing your business in a different way

Let’s flip things on its head. Let’s think about growing your business in a different way. You actually don’t need to scale your business to grow your business and a bigger business is not necessarily a better business.

I know for a fact that you don’t need to have a big business for it to be a successful business. You need to know what success means to you, and then go after that!

Stop thinking about the status quo. I think a lot of us follow what the others tell us is success and what they perceive a successful business to be. And as creatives, that might jar a little bit… That might not sit well with us.

You might find yourself shoehorning yourselve into the prescribed mould of ‘success’. You try and fit in, scale and grow your business year on year.

But creativity has ebbs and flows. It’s not a juggernaut that can be mapped out with steady percentage growth year on year. We need to go with these tidal waves of creativity. 🌊

That’s not to say that you shouldn’t be looking at your business and how you can grow it. But build into your business model space and time for those tidal waves of creativity.

πŸ”Ž Look at your pricing.
πŸ”Ž Look at your business model.
πŸ”Ž Look at what you enjoy doing and can easily produce.
πŸ”Ž Look at the hours you’re putting in versus the income that’s coming in.
πŸ”Ž Look at when you are most creative in your day, month or year.

And build your business around that!

Don’t worry so much about scale and growth, and year on year percentage growth, because that’s not necessarily what a successful business looks like when you’re a creative.Β 

πŸ‘‰Reframe and rethink.

So let’s reframe and rethink our businesses.

πŸ’› # 1. You don’t need a big business to be a successful business
πŸ’› # 2. Less is more. More focus. More joy. More time to enjoy life! With less is more, you can actually work less but increase profits if you set your business up correctly!
πŸ’› # 3. Stop chasing the prescribed ethos that we must be scaling and growing at all times and at all costs. Let’s just ditch that! Let’s not follow the crowd if we don’t want to follow the crowd.
πŸ’› # 4. Work out how much you need to live your ideal lifestyle and then reverse engineer that into how many things, products and services you need to sell to be able to pay for that ideal lifestyle.

Don’t forget that increased revenue, scaling and growing your business doesn’t always mean increased profits.

Personally, I rather like my small businesses. I’ve got my design business – Bespoke Backdrops and Branding, which is a strategic brand design and custom backdrop design business. I have The Creative Business Hub, which is my mentoring program for creatives just like you, and they’re both small businesses.

And I’ve realized that when you have a small business, you can really focus on your clients and paying members. But at the same time, you can also enjoy the creative process, because you’re not pushing all the time.

With a small business, you can also prioritize your lifestyle. You have space for life to happen – you know that I’m a huge fan of a lifestyle business! And a small business allows you to lead exactly the lifestyle you want.

So I want to give you permission to think small, to stay small if you want to. Naturally, if you want to scale your business, that’s totally up to you! It’s your business, your rules and you shouldn’t feel the pressure from the status quo to scale and grow your business if it doesn’t suit you!

I hope this post helped you, and pleaseΒ subscribe to my YouTube channel and of course if you are looking for a business mentor, I would love you to check out The Creative Business Hub!