When you think of “me” as a “coach”, there are no formulas can I do this or do that. There is no structure that you have to follow to be successful. There’s going to be no numbers you need to reach or even no revenue goals.

I’m not going to make any kind of financial promise to you, because really I’m not into that.  I think there’s so much baloney that goes on in the coaching world something like:

“Follows my, shiny formula”

“Hey, diva girl!”

“Lady boss/diva goddess, you too can drive my car!”

I think it’s a little rubbish! But, what I will do for you is mentor you and lead you to find out what you actually want. I’m going to show you how I’ve found out what I want.

I’m going to show you the path that I’ve taken to get what I want and to get where I wanted to go where I am now. I’m going to give you some ideas.  I’m going to change your perspective and make your three think 360.

But I’m not going to tell you there’s a formula. I’m not gonna make any promises. You do not have to make six figures. You don’t even have to think about it because I’m not even gonna talk about it.

But I am gonna be there to teach you and to show you:

✨ How to make money

✨ How to find satisfaction in running a creative business so you’re not spinning the plate, or overwhelmed, and so you’re not thinking what’s next.

I’m going to give you permission to do things differently. Listen…  I got married in trousers. That’s all you need to know about me.

 💍 I got married in trousers…

Why? Because even 20 years ago, I realized I didn’t want to do things just because everyone else did that way. Everyone else gets married in a dress.

Well, I’m not going to. I’m definitely that friend on Facebook who if you say “I  bet I know who’s going to repost this”, and “Who my real friends are”. You can guarantee that I’m not gonna be reposting it. I don’t do any of that sort of mass guilt-tripping, I didn’t even do chain letters as a child. Seriously, you know nobody really was gonna die if I didn’t continue the chain letter.

So I really do believe that success comes through the back door. 

Yes, there are skills you have to learn. 

Yes, there are things that will help you make life simple and easy, but there’s definitely not one way of doing things. And in fact, I’m completely self-taught in pretty much everything.

Yes, I have a degree in design.

Yes, I have a diploma and fine art, but I have not been taught how to do anything of what I do. I’ve just found my way bit by bit over time, and I want to help you to do the same. But maybe a bit faster than I did it.

So I didn’t have a mentor for creative business. I had to go and find coaches and programs that 

Unfortunately didn’t have anything to do with my industry. And that’s trying to circle into a square and it was quite impossible.

I’m going to help you shorten that distance a little bit by being very specific to creative businesses so you won’t find me coaching about other business coaches or naturopaths.

Literally, I’m coaching people who have a creative process – to produce a product whether it’s a digital or physical product or service that is creative that has clients. 

It has a whole level of business beyond just producing the art that you produce, and I’m pretty much no-nonsense. You’re not going to get any highfaluting hyperbole drama from me.

I really like to keep things simple and so this is the difference between other coaching courses it’s because I’m not a coach.

I don’t want to be a coach I’ve got no fancy, clever strategies or skills to help you find your own answer in life. I actually believe that sometimes you can’t find your own answer in life.

Sometimes, you actually need someone to tell you and give you guidance and not ask you some fancy questions so that you can find your own truth. Because you’ve got your answers within yourself.

Sometimes you don’t have any answers in yourself. You’re stuck and you don’t know what you don’t know. So I’m just going to show you my way, and you can adapt it to make it work for you, and I’ll be there for you guiding you, helping you, being your mentor and creative business friend.

So that’s the difference in the Bespoke Business Hub. It’s not a coaching course. It’s me and you figuring out what works for your creative business and using all my successes, failures, 

triumphing traumas, highs and lows along the way to hopefully, shorten your journey to where you want to be okay.

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