What should you outsource first in your creative business?

This is a common question in my creative membership program: “What should I outsource first in my business?”

You might think that the first thing you should outsource is maybe social media, admin work, or getting a VA. But that’s jumping the gun….first things first!

1. Cleaners and Ironing Services

Yes, you should outsource cleaning, household chores, ironing and all those things that bring a mental load.

Firstly, when your business is relatively small or you’re a solopreneur it needs you to be all hands on deck. It needs your brain power to be focused on the business!

If you’re constantly thinking about getting the laundry done or the bathroom cleaned, it becomes a mental load, taking up precious brain space.

You may have a partner, children or someone to help you. But that again is YOUR mental load, because you have to project manage them. You have to tell them what to do. Very rarely would they just take that task as their own, regular responsibility. You have to be the one to remind them and organise them.

THAT is a full-time job in a lot of businesses. It’s called project management. Project managers outsource jobs in a project. So if you’re the project manager in your home, as well as in your business, you’re carrying a lot of stress that you don’t need to!

You might say that you don’t want to pay $30 an hour for someone to clean your bathroom because it only takes an hour and you’d rather do it yourself.

But think about that hour that it takes to clean your bathroom, your kitchen, or do the ironing….it might be weighing on you mind for days.  So that one hour of cleaning, or ironing or whatever chore it may be, might actually turn into six hours or two days of worry and anxiety. And that’s the mental load.

Image what having hours more time means to your business! You can work on the business that will hopefully make you more money than the $30 per hour it cost to have your chores done.

Having professionals come into your home regularly, without you having to project manage them, is worth its weight in gold.


2. Bookkeeping

This is a game changer. A real business uplevel. I’m not saying that you should outsource your money to somebody else. No way! There’s a big difference between having someone look after your money in a professional sense, and giving the power over your money away.

Of course you should know your numbers and be involved in the bookkeeping. You have to know your expenses, income and all things related to your finance but make sure that you have a professional bookkeeper.

Tax, reconciling accounts and bookkeeping is NOT your zone of genius, I’m guessing. It’s worth paying for this. Because again, it relieves a lot of the mental load. Allowing you to focus on your creative output, revenue generating activities and being the talent in your business.

Once you have outsourced the cleaning, ironing and bookkeeping, then you can start thinking about hiring VAs and other professionals for your business.

It’s been a total game changer for me!